Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Yesterday, John suggested checking out a nearby Salvation Army thrift store that I'd found online (I'm on vacation all week). Sadly, the listing was very, very out of date, but we continued on to find a couple other stores. A partial listing of my finds follow:

Store #1

  • Women's orange cashmere turtleneck sweater, with price tag still on. Original price: $165. My price: $4.29. The fiber is too thin to unravel and use as yarn, so I'll be felting it and using to to make something (armwarmers, toy elephant, something fun).
  • cotton cashmere shrugSuper soft gray shrug of indeterminate fiber content. Not a lot of yarn, but really nice. The care tag says "dry clean only" which means it's not acrylic, so I snatched it up for $1.50 or so (half off blue tags). Upon further examination, the fiber content is present and it's 60/40 cotton/cashmere, worsted weight. The seams are not serged, so it can be carefully taken apart and used for something yummy.

    Normally, people might scoff at such a small sweater, but I like small projects. There is at least enough for a hat and pair of mittens. I'm most excited about this find, now that I know the fiber content.

  • Electric tea kettle, which looks to be new (my pretty blue kettle didn't make the move for some reason. I'll recover it, but for now, I have something to use); pair of trays with folding legs (breakfast-in-bed trays).
Store #2
  • 30dec08 cashmere sweater findsMen's gray cashmere cardigan. Same fate as the orange.
  • Books: one for me (Frankenstein, which I've been meaning to pick up for months) and one for Jdub that John spotted (he knew she wanted a copy: Give Me a Break, by John Stossel).
Store #3
Totally an accident. I spotted it as we drove past and made John turn around and go back. Unlike the other two, which were Salvation Army, this is an independent, local shop (I think we were in Wayne; and I think it's called Tried & True).

We found a chair frame for a project that John is working on, and I found a glass that goes with a couple others I have. Well, that's what we bought. What we found is a small shop with very reasonable prices that we'll be going back to!

I also almost brought home a concussion, but it was my own fault. They had an old waiting room chair for $2 and I went to sit in it to test it. It was under a shelf, so I moved it out from the wall a bit... but not enough. Bam! Ouch! Totally forgot to buy the chair.

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