Sunday, December 28, 2008

Gift Parcels in Action

pile of parcels
Some friends are on their way here to celebrate Christmas with us. I spent a good portion of yesterday finishing up a couple of gifts and wrapping everything. We went from an estimated twelve people total (including us) to four, so it will be a quieter and calmer afternoon than anticipated. Some of the items are crafty, and many are wrapped in my new gift parcel method, which, apparently, requires a blog post.

  • Jdub is getting Firefly on DVD, plus an IOU for a Jayne hat -- if she wants one (I try not to knit surprises anymore).
  • Her husband, M, is getting the surgical scrub caps mentioned previously.
  • The kids are getting knitted hats (some pictured in the parcel how-to post), although they won't be here to open them.
  • They'll be taking back gifts for another family, who couldn't make it, including a tote bag and an IOU for a finished pair of socks:

    C Tote1
    beck's socks in progress

Gift Parcel for MClose-up of a parcel (I sewed them all closed -- really like the look!)

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