Thursday, November 13, 2008

Some Actual Knitting Content

darwin socksFor an upcoming baby shower: itty bitty socks, knit on size US2s with Dream in Color Smooshy (Happy Forest colorway). Just about actual size, nickel for scale.

Pattern here. They're smaller than I wanted, but I promised the mother socks out of this yarn, and this is the size socks the pattern produced with the yarn and needle combo.

This is a nice pattern, but I've now knit 3 pair (almost) with it, so it's time to find another one! (The third pair stalled when I ran out of yarn (the leftovers from my first pair of socks). I may finish them off with the teal from John's sock (below). Or frog 'em.)

john sock1After pausing to knit up the pair of itty bitty socks, above, I returned to my Christmas knitting. I hope to finish 2 pairs of socks. There are a couple other things I'd like to make, but with a move coming up hard, I'll be lucky to finish the socks, so I 'm not setting any other goals!

This is a pair of socks for John. Yes, he reads this (Hi, honey), but he already knows I'm planning them for Christmas. I'm too much of a newbie when it comes to socks to trust chance on the sizing and he's had to endure several fittings as the first sock progressed. (Can you imagine all those stitches (size 13 feet), only to find out they didn't fit?!)

Based on the first two pairs I knit using the same book (Ann Budd's Getting Started Knitting Socks), which are too big, I measured John's feet then knit the next size down. Result: one perfectly fitting sock. (The toe is open because I wanted him to try on a sock before I finished it off. I need to add a row or two for a bit of clearance, but otherwise, they're perfect.)

Needles: US2.5
Yarn: Nestucca Bay Yarn Handpaint, Frothy, custom (charcoal and teal).


Sarahs Mind said...

1st off i love you
2nd thanks for all the tapes im sure that i as well as my clients will have a great time watching them together... PLUS it gives us a reason to get together finally..
3rd huge fav if you have time or if you would do you remember the gloves that you made for me ummmmm the ones with out the fingers... well i was wondering if you would make me another pare i hate wearing gloved from the store the always rip and i end up buying like 30 pares of gloves over the winter...

but could you make them to where they have like a flap and it can cover and uncover the fingers i can prob find you a pic .. i don't have a problem paying for the materials ... call me and let me know the gloves you made me before are my fav oh and there is a hat im totally in love with tried to make it and screwed it up bad ...

love you call me or e mail


Cheryl said...

Hi Melissa,
Your socks are looking great! I love the baby socks :o)

glad to hear you are getting to move into your new house, finally.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

aka; danceswithyarns

Anonymous said...

are knitted socks comfortable? i would think the seam in the toe would drive me crazy, kind of like sean connery's character in that film, "finding forester." i usually buy the really fine-knit socks because of the softness factor. they are cool to look at, though...

Melissa said...

a square peg: I find them to be very comfortable. I do a gathered toe... technically cheating (sock snobs say the seams should be grafted), but it means no seam!

I'm still a newbie, so I'm learning what I do and don't like about knitted socks. My first 2 pairs were too big, so that's not good. I also don't like the thick heel so much, so next time I'll do a thinner heel.