Saturday, November 15, 2008

Status Report, etc.

The house thing is still on, but the move is being delayed until sometime in December. We'd tried to get the closing scheduled early, but it's not happening. I understand that they can turn around and ask us to do it early, but they'll keep on wishing. All it really means is that we have longer to pack, will possibly be moving in the snow, and won't be able to entertain for Christmas. I was kind of hoping to do that, because it appears that I'll actually be in the spirit this year. Not the end of the world, just a disappointment.

Snip snip snip
All that hair is gone! Pictures to follow.

File under WTF:

Notice that this guy is actually starting to sit down when the judge calls his name, so he stands back up. (He most certainly took his time at the beginning, for local political reasons, but was being seated when the judge flipped out.) He's in jail now, for 93 days (3 counts of contempt of court b/c the judge said "sit down" 3 times, plus 3 days for the original violation). Talk about an abuse of power.

The whole thing is over a couch that the guy's tenants had in their yard. He's kind of an abrasive ass sometimes (I've listened to his podcast), but geez. (A spectator also had his very dangerous wallet confiscated on the way in, and it was empty of a large sum of cash when he got it back. But, oh. He videotaped it all, and when that was revealed, the $3,000 was "found" a few minutes later.)

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Suse-the-slow-knitta said...

wow! amazing video!
hope the house move goes well.