Saturday, November 22, 2008

Baby Shower Gift for Darwin

Baby Shower Gift for Darwin - Mosaic

I took the above to a baby shower this afternoon. The card was on the inside of the package, but the mother (Hi, Mel!) recognized my particular style of wrapping. It was a lovely afternoon, with good company. Bonus: I won the first contest and was directed to the gift I needed to select; it was an acorn cookie jar! I saw them at Joann Fabrics awhile back and wanted one, badly, but didn't get one b/c of the move. So, yay!!! (I'll get a picture of it and the acorn salt & pepper shakers that were inside later.)

Then, home to pack. SIL C came over for a couple of hours and helped me pack and sort the fabric and sewing area that is currently in the dining room. Later, her dad brought over a pile of boxes. We may actually get this done!

3 comments: said...

Gift wrapping almost as delicious as the bootees and other things inside it. I LOVE the yarn on those purple bootees. It's great to knit with, no?

persephony4 said...

just a note to say that your photo links are broken on the page and on your flikr site.

Melissa said...

Stacie: Thanks! I love wrapping presents. And yes, that yarn was perfect for the little socks/booties.

persephony4: Thanks for letting me know you're having a problem. I'm not sure what's wrong, but it might be on your end. I've tried it out on 3 different computers and it's displaying okay. I'll keep an eye on it.