Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Never too early

Mantle: Feb 14, 2009My mantle, 15 Feb. 2009

Oh my, yes. Some of my year 'round Halloween decorations are up! These are our David Frykman (resin) sculptures, which we started collecting after our first trip to Hell, MI, where we bought the little devil trick-or-treater. I think the library, with its red accent wall and black bookcases will become the room that always has Halloween decorations up!

Seen 'n Find Bottles
seek n find bottle for little onesI wanted to give a seek 'n find bottle to the daughter of some new friends, but she's a little 'un (~2 y.o.), so the printed card would not do.

Instead, I laid out the toys - on a sheet of paper - in a rectangular area and took a picture, which I printed and slid into a plastic sleeve. When I filled the bottle, I stopped a few inches down so there was more room for the rice to slide around, making the toys easier to find. A smaller bottle would have been better (the 1 liter size ends up being kind of heavy), but we didn't have anything with a large enough opening to fit all the toys through.

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