Thursday, February 12, 2009

Midweek Update

foggy day feb09I'm not the biggest fan of driving in the stuff, but oh, do I love a foggy morning! I took this on Tuesday morning, while there was a tiny bit of snow remaining to feed the fog. Things cleared up once I got a mile or so away, and the driving was fine after that point.

It did, indeed, put me in the mood for my fave holiday! I was able to get my Halloween links site back up this week, and have gone through the box of books, actually managing to pull out a few to pass on. I think my nephew will get a kick out of them - he benefits when I buy books that end up being too childish for my taste.

heigh ho for halloween bookA recent acquisition - 1948 ex-library book. It has little value as a party-planning resource (those parties I plan but never throw), but it's a nice little piece of history and fun to look through.

A little part of me is celebrating the demise of a particularly hateful group on a certain knitting/etc. forum I'm on. They're going on and on about freedom of speech and censorship, not understanding that those rights don't apply to private property, and not at all understanding the real reason they were axed.

It wasn't even the always-borderline racist (and other -ist) comments like this little gem. I'm not privy to inside info., but what's been said, simply, is that the mods couldn't (wouldn't?) moderate without supervision and that the group was too much work. They have NO idea how much slack they were given, because everyone I know would have booted the group months ago!


KatAutumn said...

Great blog entry. I agree with what you said. They're angry. I get that. I've tried really hard to be objective and ask myself, "what if my favorite group was shut down?" But if I discovered it was because the group mods were uncooperative and not following the rules themselves and not holding members to the rules, I'd be angry with the mods for letting us fail.

Of course, the groups I belong to I know we don't have to worry about that because the mods work damn hard. They even go so far as to hold themselves to a higher standard.

And the noose comment, I doubt 99% of the people who saw it before it was edited are just "dirty-minded people looking for the worst in other peoples words" (as we've been accused of). When you make reference to scarves being worn by African-Americans as "nooses", how is anyone with a rational mind supposed to construe that as either a comment about "Obama's supporters hanging themselves because they voted for the wrong person" or "it's simply what we call the style in which they were wearing them"?

And I'll go out on a limb and say, "okay, maybe you didn't mean it to be construed as a nod to lynching black people". Either way it was a stupidly inappropriate comment and it's glaringly apparent that member did not think before she spoke. Hence the reason the Bunker was shut down.

There are at least ten very active conservative groups on Ravelry that have been operating since before the Bunker came into existence and have never been in trouble with tPtB. Never. So this isn't about censorship or not giving conservatives their freedom of speech.

Honestly, on most sites I'm a member of outside of Ravelry, their shit wouldn't have been allowed to continue past the first two weeks. Casey was very lenient and very patient with them. He should be given sainthood status, IMHO.

ZantiMissKnit said...

That fog shot is beautiful! I haven't seen nice fog in a long time, just snow and rain and grey skies.

I didn't know Halloween was your favorite holiday, but it doesn't surprise me. I love vintage Halloween stuff, too. My husband collect old Halloween records.

And, I agree with what you and KatAutumn both said. I'm just still too much of a wimp to blog about it. Of course, I never blogged about MommaMonkey's faked death, either, and that affected me more. *shrugs*

Melissa said...

Kat: This is just brilliant, and I appreciate your perspective on the noose comment. It's just one of those charged words that can be taken wrong so quickly! It's more understandable when it's the spoken word, but when it's online, and you have the change to review before clicking submit, it's harder to be okay with, yaknow?

ZantiMissKnit: I so wish I could find some vintage Halloween stuff in my price range! An old work friend of mine knew of a woman who was going to offload her entire collection to a shop he worked at part-time, but either it never happened or he forgot to tell me.

I don't know that it's wimpy to avoid blogging about this kind of thing! I don't think it's necessarily brave to DO it, either.

gwensmom said...

That noose comment is totally tacky. I never saw that group and now I'm glad I will never have to.

Anonymous said...

I just have to say that the fact that they didn't understand why their mods were in trouble totally floored me. Totally.
Most of the group purport to be christians.. who are supposed to ( according to the tenets of their own religion) lead people to Christ by their own example. Ya right.

Don't know how i missed your blog before Mel, it's great :)