Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Is it love?

sheldon loving lion toyA while back, I posted about Sheldon's love for a particular skein of peach acrylic yarn.

Well, that yarn is looking pretty ragged, so I joked to John on Sunday that I would put out a stuffed animal and see if Shel would take an interest. I selected the lion - obviously male, but with more bite-able area - and set it in the library (or the room that will become the library). The funny thing is, Sheldon never does what I want him to do. In fact, the more time and effort I put into a toy, the less they're interested. So, imagine my surprise when, last night, John spots him dragging the lion around.

It was one of those rare times when I had my camera nearby (always seems to be in my purse on the other side of the house when the cats do something picture-worthy) and I managed to get one good picture.

I wonder how long it will last?

cat toys felted ballsSpeaking of cat toys and effort... Back in August, I posted about an idea I had to adapt a project (for a child's toy) and make kitty-size toys. Well, I did, almost right away. They were met with a mild interest, but were not favorites. When we went back to the house on Saturday to pack up some more stuff, I spotted them and tossed them in a box. Right now, they're marinating in a baggie with a couple tablespoons of catnip. Maybe that will help. (Moo mini card for scale.)

It has nothing to do with the toys themselves. It's their usual pattern: paper bags, boxes, pen caps and milk jug rings are infinitely better than any handmade or store bought toy. Exceptions: the laser pointer and one weird little green mouse that came in a stocking full of mice.

I didn't throw them in the washer to felt all the way, because I liked the texture that a partial needle-felting gave. It's a fun way to use up scraps, if nothing else!

If you want to try this, but don't have cats (or small kids) around, check out Make Your Own Wool Dryer Balls for another application.


Sarahs Mind said...

Thats a really good idea im going to try that with emma

Anonymous said...

How awesome is that?! I never even thought to make dryer balls out of my leftover wool bits!! I *love* that idea - THANK YOU!