Saturday, February 14, 2009

Showers of (Mail) Blessings

bacon bar packageEver since I heard about "bacon chocolate" I have been dying to try it. But I live in the boonies now, so I can't just pick up a bar. And, I'm watching my pennies anyway (not even buying yarn!), so I was content to leave it on my wish list* until finances improved. Well, yesterday, a package was on my doorstep from sweet woman named Allison, who also likes acorns. Inside was a Mo's Bacon Bar, plus some adorable wooden acorns and a hand-carved stamp. (I keep meaning to ask her if she made that herself.)

Let me tell you: it's certainly not for everyone, but whoa! I like it. I'm allowing myself just one square a day of the "deep milk chocolate" (between dark & milk) with salt and bacon.

tea from lesliedAlso, dear Leslie sent me some of my favorite caffeine fix tea: Christmas tea from Adagio, along with some paper filters (my mug). Those paper filters are excellent, if you like loose tea. After getting a box of them, I threw out my French press, which was a PiTA to clean after every cup of tea!

As if that wasn't enough, there was also a box of past issues of Martha Stewart Living magazine, including the 2008 issue (lost) and (if I read it right)the first October issue ever : 1991, plus a couple of the Halloween holiday issues (which I own, but are beat up). The sender isn't anonymous to me, but I'm keeping her identity quiet until I hear the word that it's okay to share.

*I love Amazon's universal wish list button! I'm tickled that a few surprises have come my way as a result, but the purpose was simply for me to keep track of things I spotted online and would want to buy someday. You know, if someone said, "Here is $100. You must spend it on yourself," I'd be ready. (I had that happen once, with a birthday gift, and had a really hard time!)

Speaking of wish lists and Halloween, if you're a Halloween fan, check out my list (in the side bar). I've found a couple cool new goodies that might be of interest.

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