Monday, February 9, 2009

The Positive Side

...of sending random strangers mail:


My teddy bear, Mundy, checks out the wonderful and generous goodness that came in the mail this afternoon from a fellow Rubbernecker, Debi. It's a RAK package (RAK = Random Act of Kindness), and it came on the perfect day.

There is a quartet of SPA goodies* from Jafra, a book I've been wanting to read - The Secret Life of Bees - and an inspiring card, which I think I'm going to be looking at pretty frequently. I feel so spoiled and lucky!

I'm also involved in sending out surprises (although not this extravagant given my current financial situation) within a small group. My previous post wasn't meant to discourage people from giving, just to encourage them to be careful. Getting unexpected mail can make someone's day (or maybe week)!

*Bath & shower gel, massage oil, massage cream, & sea salt body scrub


Sarahs Mind said...

awe thats so cool i love ramdom mail.. it really does make you feel better

Stacie said...

Nice gifties. I loved the novel--movie is about to come out I think. Happy reading.