Thursday, March 5, 2009

Drive-by: Shop Update

For a long time now, I've wanted to donate a little something to Ravelry, but am watching my money carefully and that kind of thing isn't really do-able right now. But then - ah-ha! - I had an idea: what if I bought some advertising space? If I sold a few items, that would pay for the ad, and I'd still be contributing in a way. Plus, maybe, I'd sell a few things. Sounds like a plan. So, I have an ad pending, that I will post once it's approved, to go into 3 or 4 groups that I participate in that are large enough for an ad to make sense.

Note: advertising on Ravelry can be very reasonable, cost-wise. It depends on the ads you place. Some ads, like the kind I'm going with, are charged based on the number of page views (by the thousand) and you can enter a budget, so you don't spend more than you want.

Then I spent the afternoon photographing and posting. The only thing left for me to do is to make up some Seek 'n Find "kits" (small baggie full of toys - you add your own bottle and some rice). But everything else I had ready is up: crazycatladymel's shop.

Hope everyone is doing well! I'm hanging in there. Have had a few interviews, and hope to hear some good news soon.

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