Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Brownie Pop Display

This summer, on another blog, I wrote about my experience making brownie pops (and the steps I followed). One thing I've struggled with is exactly how to serve/display the pops.

Because I make the pops the most basic way (add the sticks while baking), the bottoms are rounded, so the pops really need to be served brownie end up. I haven't had the patience to go through the steps needed to invert the process. Maybe the next time I make these, I'll give it a go.

A few weeks ago, I made some pops for a bake sale. Once again, I had to figure out how to display the pops. Somewhere online, I saw a picture of the pops displayed in a flower pot. I liked the idea but, to my surprise, the huge craft store I visited (the only one on my way home from work) had only terracotta pots, which I did not to deal with.

I found a planter that I liked, and a foam disk fit inside. I weighted it down with a bag of pebbles. It was almost perfect - I'd like it better if the foam was up a little higher, but for a practically out-of-the-box solution, it worked okay. (Sadly, they didn't sell well, so I'll stick to making them for parties.)


Michelle said...

Those are lovely! I am sorry they didn't sell well! And the bucket is a cute display method! A friend has asked me to make 100 cake pops for her wedding (crazy much?), and I might have to steal that idea for those!

Melissa said...

Michelle: steal away! The only thing I'd do differently is try to size it so the foam was higher up in the container.

The mistake was pricing them too high. Considering the effort and cost involved, I thought $1 was reasonable, but most of the stuff was store-bought and reselling for 50¢ so mine seemed too pricey. Since a lot of the stuff was from a store, I doubt I'd be making this effort (to sell) again.

Michelle said...

Fwah! $1 was too much? It sounds like it definitely wasn't worth your effort!