Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Not very observant, I guess

nesting-dolls1I bought this nesting doll, made in the Ukraine, several years ago at a silent auction (I had organized the entertainment for the charity event, which was Renaissance-themed). It's beautiful, and I've taken good care of it, but guess what I never did? That's right. I never opened it.

The other day, we had some friends over to celebrate Halloween (a little belatedly) and watch some bad Sci-fi movies (Plan 9 From Outer Space and Robot Monster). One of our guests, a young lady who came with her parents, asked if she could open the doll. After awhile, she came to me with a tiny doll the size of a peanut (not in the shell). "Do you think this is the smallest?" I said that it looked pretty small to me. Then she twisted it open; there inside was yet another doll, just a squinch larger than a grain of rice.

nesting-dolls2Squee! I never had dolls like this as a kid, and have never seen one that nested so deeply (if that's a good way to describe it). For all I know, this may be typical, but it still brought me a bit of joy. I had no idea what a little treasure I had.


Cateling said...

Lovely doll! I can't believe you never opened it though! I would NEED TO KNOW how many dolls were inside!!

naiadkitty said...

Oh! So adorable! And what a great surprise! Hooray for visiting friends!

Rogue Rylla said...

I have a set of nesting dolls and they do not go that small! What a nice surprise, and they are gorgeous too:)