Monday, August 24, 2009

IH Contest Extended, Knitting in the Movies

I totally forgot that I'm going to be neck-deep in monsters the week the contest was supposed to end (working on a horror movie that John is directing), so I'm extending the deadline to September 19th. (I'll update the main post, so there is no confusion!)

Packages already sent by: Heather H. & Sarah T. Many thanks, ladies!

Speaking of horror movies... if you think you might be interested in acting in a movie, or - at the very least, playing a zombie-type extra - check out Filming starts September 5th in the NW part of the state (south of Cadillac, MI), and all the zombie stuff is happening that first weekend (Labor Day weekend). It's a low-budget deal, and we're camping, and it's going to be TONS of fun!

This is a fun bit of news: There is going to be knitting in the horror movie. Once details are finalized, I'll be back to share the sponsor info.

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gwensmom said...

Woo hoo knitting horror movies! Do they knit with splitty yarn and then have to frog it?