Thursday, April 2, 2009

Acorn Finds

There are some enablers out there, people that know my love for acorns, who send me links. I have also managed to find several on my own. I just keep bookmarking & wishlisting, because when finances improve, I'll be doing some shopping!

mar09 acorn caps wmFirst, no $ involved: I've been wanting to do felted acorns for ages (I received one of the bags pictured at the link), but finding large enough acorn caps was an issue. John and I went acorn-hunting many times last fall, and found tiny, kind of pathetic, acorns. For a county named after the tree, Oakland county offered little by way of decent-sized acorns! Last week, on a walk down our new road, we found evidence of HUGE acorns. Obviously the nuts themselves would be no good for display, but the caps were in abundance. So now I have a supply of caps to work with the next time I get around to needle-felting.

acorn_collageOn to the shopping (Etsy links will likely point to a sold item, but you can click on the seller and see what's available now):
  1. Wide Silver Oak Ring

  2. Candy Dish (she does them in chartreuse!)

  3. Acorn MP3 Player (I have to say, I desperately want one of these!)

  4. Steel Oak Leaf Key Chain

  5. Steel Acorn Necklace

  6. Steel Acorn Keyring (I have and love)

  7. Wooden Spinning Top

  8. Hand-carved Stamp

  9. Candleabra*

  10. Acorn tassles on knitted loafers

  11. Rusted Acorn (scroll down the page)

*Same store also has doorknockers: style 1 and style 2.


Anonymous said...

They're all so pretty!! Acorns are definitely full of win.

I've just had an idea. Do you remember the Wine inspired socks the Yarn Harlot did awhile back? Somebody needs to design a pair with acorns! Imgaine! Little acorn inlays on the toe and oak leaves gathered around the top! Aahh!!!

The Frizzy Hooker said...

It is spring time. You should be blogging about crocuses

Cateling said...

I am just tickled that one of my crafty internet friends (you) has another of my crafty internet friends (winemakerssister) in her list of etsy favorites. :)